Provenance Metadata

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  • "Since metadata provenance information is in itself metadata, it should be possible to be republished in quite the same way and in conjunction with the metadata statements or sets it describes."
  • "Metadata is used to represent properties of objects. Many of those properties have to do with provenance, so the two are often equated. How does metadata relate to provenance? Descriptive metadata only becomes part of provenance when one also specifies its relationship to deriving an object. For example, a file can have a metadata property that states its size, which is not considered provenance information since it does not relate to how it was created. The same file can have metadata regarding creation date, which would be considered provenance-relevant metadata. So even though a lot of metadata has to do with provenance, both terms are not equivalent. In summary, provenance is often represented as metadata, but not all metadata is necessarily provenance."